6.18 Single Signing! The first day of Tong'an Project Achievement Trading this year

First order signing! The first day of Tong'an Project Achievement Trading this year
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Eastern Port Smart Home will be favored and will quietly fly into the "ordinary people's home"

On the morning of June 18, good news came from the 17th "6.18" Strait Project Achievement Fair. The contract between Donggang Smart Home and Fuzhou Songrong Technology, a Beijing-East distributor, was formally signed. The amount of the contract exceeded 5 million yuan.

Xiamen Donggang Intelligent Technology is a research and development and production enterprise specializing in smart home system products, smart city and intelligent automation system solutions. The contract smart voice color screen touch panel is a smart home product which integrates lighting control, infrared control, curtain, voice, WiFi hot spot, power monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring and other functions. This product is based on the traditional intelligent building products, further enhance the digital application, realize one house one control, implement the "lazy" housekeeper model, bring revolutionary impact for home decoration!

At the signing site, Fuzhou Songrong Science and Technology and Donggang Intelligent formally signed the "Smart Home Products Distribution Contract" to make Donggang Intelligent "6.18" Fuzhou Fair a success. It is expected that at least 1 million yuan of smart home products will be flown into the "ordinary people's home" quietly through Jingdong, one of the largest domestic e-commerce platforms. 。 The landing transformation of this achievement will further confirm the technological advancement and practicability of products, encourage enterprises to develop towards the field of digital creative application, and truly realize the transformation and development of enterprises. At the same time, it will further improve and strengthen the industrial chain of digital application, artificial manufacturing and application industries in our region.

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