Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation injects hope into poor disabled families

On the roof of a disabled family, 30 square meters of photovoltaic power generation equipment has been installed and completed.

  The photovoltaic metering box is installed in the doorway of the disabled.

  Zhang Qingtong (middle) led the staff of the foundation to go deep into the countryside to console the disabled.

Special Needs Children Integration Center constructs a psychological barrier-free interactive space for special and ordinary children.


Xiamen Network News (Xiamen Daily News/Reporter Zhan Wen Correspondent Shi Wentu/Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation) Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation established the first comprehensive physical and mental disability prevention center in China to organize primary and secondary school students to participate in visual impairment experience.

At the end of December 2018, the photovoltaic power generation equipment installed on the roof of Mr. Hong's home in Houban Village, Tongan Xinmin Town, was checked and accepted and integrated into the State Grid. This marks that the public welfare project of Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" has successfully completed the set goal of 100 households. This project will bring about a stable income of about 3,000 yuan per year for Mr. Hong for 20 years. Many profitable disabled people with disabilities who are unable to work will be called "sunshine income" and this project will be called "injecting light of hope into poor disabled families".

From a proposal made at the meeting of the Council of Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to the completion of the last household, the public welfare project, with the joint efforts of all parties, has gone through 34 months and settled down firmly in 100 rural poor disabled families in the four districts outside the island of Xiamen, which has greatly enhanced the sense of acquisition and well-being of poor disabled families and has become the essence of our city. To help disabled people find a new way.

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the cause of disabled people in our city has risen with the times and made remarkable achievements. Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation was established in the early stage of reform and opening up. It has been devoting itself to the development of disabled people's welfare in the tide of reform and opening up. It has rallied the love of all sectors of society so that disabled people can share more of the benefits of reform and opening up. Especially since the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Foundation has resolutely implemented the plan of deepening reform and decision-making in an all-round way, aiming at the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech "Building a well-off society in an all-round way, no less disabled people", constantly innovating ways and methods, promoting precise assistance for the disabled, precise poverty alleviation and helping our city. New breakthroughs and achievements have been made in the welfare of the disabled to ensure a well-off society in an all-round way.


Exploring new methods and projects of poverty alleviation and disability assistance

The public welfare project "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" originated from a Council of Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation held in March 2016. Zhuangwei, a consultant of the foundation and former vice-chairman of the CPPCC, proposed an attempt to introduce photovoltaic power generation into disability assistance.


Photovoltaic power generation, which converts solar energy into electricity, is a renewable green energy, with less investment, quick effect and high income. As long as rural poor disabled families provide idle roofs and install photovoltaic power generation equipment, the electricity generated can not only be used by their own homes, but also be merged into the national grid, sold to Xiamen Power Supply Company of the National Grid, which is almost a "business without capital". This is a long-term and stable source of income for the poor disabled who are unable to work. The board members and supervisors of the foundation have expressed their approval for the proposal.

Zhang Qingtong, chairman of Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation and former deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to this. He learns that Qingdao, Shandong Province, has many years of experience in photovoltaic poverty alleviation. He quickly organized an investigation team to Qingdao to investigate the whole village of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project. They entered the villages and sat down with the villagers to talk, understand the local photovoltaic poverty alleviation practices, construction costs and effectiveness, and inspect the technical maturity of photovoltaic power generation equipment.

After returning to Xiamen, the Foundation visited experts of Xiamen University and Municipal Science and Technology Association one after another in order to consult them on technology. They also went deep into the power supply companies to understand the support policies of the state, provinces and municipalities on photovoltaic power generation, solicited opinions from the Disabled People's Federation of each district, and repeatedly demonstrated the feasibility of the project.

Zhang Qingtong said: "The most important thing is the effectiveness of poverty alleviation work for the disabled. Only when a poverty alleviation project is truly implemented, truly effective and truly beneficial to the disabled, can the project be accurate and meaningful." After repeated research, demonstration and feasibility study, the Foundation launched the "Precise Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" public welfare project.


Twenty years of sustainable benefits for each family

In a prudent and pragmatic manner, the Foundation has selected five poor disabled families from four districts outside the island for pilot projects to observe the actual operation of the project. In the second half of 2016, pilot work began rapidly.

Ms. Ye, who lives in Hongtang Town, Tong'an District, has become the first beneficiary of the project.

Ms. Ye, a low-income household with severe disabilities, is bedridden for many years. Her husband, a veteran, is old enough to have no fixed income and care for his bedridden wife at home. When the foundation learned about the situation, it installed a set of 3 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation equipment free of charge for this low-income disabled family. A week after the equipment was installed, the power supply company had not yet had time to check and accept it. Typhoon Moranti attacked Xiamen. After a heavy night of wind and rain, the next morning, the staff of the foundation contacted the construction unit to check the situation at Ms. Ye's home. Fortunately, there is no loss of photovoltaic components and brackets on the roof.

In October 2016, Ms. Ye's home equipment began to generate electricity. A quarter later, the first subsidy went into her personal account.

After a period of practice, all the poor disabled families in the five pilot projects gave good feedback and the project withstood the test. Last May, during the National Disability Assistance Day, Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation officially launched the "Precise Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" project for 100 disabled families.

According to the policy of total electricity subsidy, the state pays for distributed photovoltaic power generation through the Renewable Energy Development Fund; the electricity that has surplus power for self-use is purchased by power grid enterprises according to the benchmark price of local coal-fired units. Zhang Qingtong said: "According to the 3 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation equipment selected by the Foundation and the sunshine situation in Xiamen, every poor disabled family can get about 3,000 yuan a year in direct economic benefits, and can continue to benefit for 20 years."


Concern and support for active relay

After the project was formally implemented, the Foundation put forward the goal of "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" project for 100 Rural Disabled families in four districts outside the island of our city by collecting charitable funds from the community. Every disabled family only needs to provide 30 square meters of their own roof, and can install 3 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation equipment free of charge. When the equipment is installed, the property rights and benefits of the disabled family will be owned by the disabled family.

The implementation of the project should be guaranteed by funds. The Foundation has carried out fund-raising activities. Chairman Zhang Qingtong and Vice-Chairman Yang Xicong led the staff of the Foundation to go around and persuade them to raise funds. They visited the Party and Labor Committee of the municipal organs directly under the municipal government, the Municipal Land and Property Bureau, the Municipal Land Development Corporation, Xiamen Airlines, the Construction and Development Group, the Municipal General Chamber of Commerce, Xiangyu Group, Xiangye Group, Special Housing Group, Torch Group, Information Group and the City successively. The government group, Nanputuo Temple, elite enterprises and other nearly 20 organs, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, religious institutions, publicize the cause of helping the disabled, and promote the project of "precise poverty alleviation and photovoltaic disability assistance", which has received strong support.

The leaders in charge of the municipality highly affirmed and supported the public welfare project. Shao Xulaixia, chairman of the Provincial Disabled Persons'Federation, also gave high affirmation to the project during the investigation. Municipal Disabled Persons'Federation, District Disabled Persons' Federation and Xiamen Power Supply Company of State Grid actively cooperate with the implementation of the project. "Reviewing the implementation of the public welfare project"Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance"can be said to be a process of concern, support and positive relay. Zhang Qingtong said.

Municipal SASASAC highly recognized this public welfare project and vigorously supported it in the process of fund-raising. Leaders of Party and Labor Committees of municipal organs actively appeal for help in recruitment. The Party Group of the Municipal Land and Real Estate Bureau fully supports and takes the lead in mobilizing donations from members of the system and the Land Development Corporation of the enterprises and municipalities affiliated to it in the name of the Party Group of the Municipal Land and Real Estate Bureau. Xiamen Jianfa Group Co., Ltd., as the governing unit of the foundation, donated 500,000 yuan. Yang Ying, chairman of Xiamen Elite Enterprise and honorary director of Xiamen Foundation, donated another 100,000 yuan to the project on the basis of the regular donation of 500,000 yuan to the Foundation every year. More than 20 units gave strong support, which made the Foundation raise more than 2.05 million yuan of special funds in a short period of time. Because of age, Zhang Qingtong resigned as chairman in early 2018 with the approval of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Committee, but he was still concerned about the public welfare project and continued to care, support and promote the project as an old leader of the city.

Xiamen Donggang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes the project, responsible for survey, data acquisition, installation of photovoltaic equipment, grid-connected formalities and other work. In the process of construction and installation, all kinds of difficulties are overcome and tasks are completed on time with quality and quantity.

Li Yanquan, chairman of Donggang Intelligent, said he was moved by the project and donated 30,000 yuan in the name of the company. Li Yanquan said, "As the Construction Party of the project, we should also make a contribution to the cause of the disabled. We guarantee that this project will be done well, with quality and quantity guaranteed. In the future, if there is a problem with photovoltaic power generation equipment, it can be guaranteed free of charge for life; if there is serious damage caused by natural disasters such as typhoons, we will also replace it free of charge. We should try our best to make it a sample project and make due contributions to the cause of the disabled.


Accurately Help 100 Disabled Families

In 2018, when the public welfare project was vigorously promoted and put into effect, photovoltaic panels appeared on the roofs of disabled families to help them increase their income and lift them out of poverty.

Mr. Hong, a disabled man in his 20s, once had a healthy body, but he was disabled because of a car accident. With the help of the Foundation's visits, Mr. Hong's life has changed a lot from lying in bed to going out in a wheelchair to walking in rehabilitation. But his physical disability still prevented him from moving smoothly and finding a job. In addition, he had a naturally disabled grandmother at home. The burden of his family's life was all on the thin shoulders of Mr. Hong's mother.

Apart from farming, there was no other income. Mr. Hong reluctantly opened a small grocery store in the village, but there was hardly any business. Once again, the foundation sent heating to the door, installed photovoltaic equipment for it, and merged it into the State Grid. A quarter later, the first subsidy went into the Taka. Mr. Hong said: "Whenever there is an impending obstacle at home, the Foundation always gives a lot of help in time. I once resented the unfair fate. Now I feel that I have to live a good life to realize my little dream of life so that I can afford so much care."

His wife was mentally handicapped and had been in bed for a long time. His son, who had just graduated from college, was also depressed and shut up. Mr. Chen, who supported the family by farming, worked in the dark early to finish farming work and did odd jobs on the construction site, barely made ends meet. After learning about the situation, the Foundation took the initiative to visit with doctors to check and prescribe medicines for Mr. Chen's wife and son, and to provide psychological counseling. After the installation of photovoltaic equipment into the network, it adds a stable income to its home.

Psychological counseling and reconstruction, family economic improvement, so that the family also see the sunshine, the wife no longer every day in bed, every day will get up to share housework, the son also came out of the door, began to look for work. "This photovoltaic power generation brings light to our home." More than once, Mr. Chen told the staff of the Foundation.

Ten days ago, the photovoltaic power generation equipment installed on the roof of Mr. Hong's family of the disabled in Houban Village, Xinmin Town, Tong'an District, was checked and accepted and integrated into the State Grid. This marks the successful completion of the public welfare project of "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance". The donors of the project are recorded on the nameplate at his door.

According to the data of the Civil Affairs Bureau, by the end of 2017, there were 2745 urban disabled people and 1225 rural disabled people receiving the minimum living security in our city. Behind this figure is the actual demand of poor families with disabilities for effective poverty alleviation projects. In a short period of time, the project of "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" has brought 100 families with disabilities closer to the goal of poverty alleviation.

Disability Assistance Highlights 2018

Centers for Integration of Children with Special Needs:

Integration and Growth of Children with Special Needs

After repeated research, planning, demonstration and modification of the program, the Special Needs Children Integration Center was launched in 2018. The center constructs a space and atmosphere for barrier-free interaction between special needs children and ordinary children, promotes ordinary children's awareness and understanding of special needs children, and promotes their self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to adapt to the environment.

In the past year, the Integration Center has carried out such sub-projects as Integration Angel Project, Guided Integration of Special Needs Children, Free Integration of Special Needs Children, Psychological Development Course for Parents of Special Needs Children, and Professional Counseling for Parents of Special Needs Children to help them grow up in an all-round way. The integration center also recruits special volunteers for integration and regularly carries out the "Yitao Open Day" activities to support the integration of children with special needs.

With the joint efforts of all of us, the project of the Integration Center in 2018 was successfully closed and achieved tangible results. Special-need children, ordinary children, parents of special-need children and volunteers have all grown up in an all-round way.

In 2019, the Special Needs Children Integration Center will continue to carry out various sub-projects. Professionals in psychology, music, rhythm, painting, handicraft, food production and other fields are welcome to provide integrated teaching and services for the Integration Center. Special Needs Children are welcome to attend the courses and ordinary children are welcome to be integrated volunteers.

Consultation line: 0592-5333910.

Center for the Prevention of Mental and Mental Disabilities:

Reducing disability from the source

A report from the World Health Organization's Committee of Experts on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation argues that at least 50% of disabilities can be controlled or delayed using existing technologies.

In 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the National Health and Health Congress that "the awareness of disability prevention in the whole society should be enhanced". In 2017, the State Council will establish 25 August every year as "Disability Prevention Day".

Last year, Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation set up the first comprehensive prevention center for physical and mental disabilities in China, aiming to enhance public awareness and awareness of physical and mental disability prevention, avoid various risk factors for disability and reduce the incidence of disability from the source by popularizing prevention knowledge, conducting propaganda activities and simulating disability experience.

In 2019, the Center for the Prevention of Mental and Psychological Disabilities will continue to enrich five types of physical, visual, hearing, speech and psychological disabilities experience activities and science popularization activities. Authorities, enterprises, institutions and school groups are welcome to participate.

Consultation line: 0592-5333791.


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"Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance"

"Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" refers to the installation of free photovoltaic power generation equipment for rural poor disabled families, so that they can increase their household income through special state subsidies and the mode of "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity access to the Internet". In 2018, Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation implemented the project of "Photovoltaic Disability Assistance" for 100 poor rural disabled families in four districts outside Xiamen Island by collecting charitable funds from the community.

Poverty alleviation through photovoltaic power generation is one of the important measures to implement precise poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. The photovoltaic poverty alleviation project has initiated the transformation of poverty alleviation and development from "blood transfusion poverty alleviation" to "precise poverty alleviation", with one investment and long-term benefits.

China's poverty-stricken population is mainly concentrated in 14 contiguous areas, where traditional industries account for a large proportion, the development of which is relatively lagging behind, and the people's life lacks industrial support. However, a large part of these areas have better light and heat resources. The average sunshine hours per year are more than 1200 hours, and the development of photovoltaic industry has unique conditions. In 2014, the State Energy Administration and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council issued the Work Programme on the Implementation of the Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project, and decided to organize and implement the photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project in six years.

According to Xiamen Climate Annual Report 2017 published by Xiamen Meteorological Observatory, the sunshine hours in Xiamen reached 2213 hours in 2017, which is suitable for carrying out rural photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects.

Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation

The predecessor of Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation is the "China Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation" established on July 17, 1985. It is one of the first local disabled persons'welfare foundations established in China and a charitable organization qualified for public donation. Over the years, the Foundation has been developing towards the goal of specialization and socialization, promoting humanitarianism, mobilizing social forces, focusing on three business modules of prevention, rescue and integration, and developing welfare undertakings for the disabled through collecting funds of social love. It has done a lot of work to promote the equal participation of the disabled in social life.

In recent years, Xiamen Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation's work highlights frequently: in 2010, it took the lead in setting up "Disabled Assistance Supermarket" in the whole province, and successively opened four district-level "Disabled Assistance Supermarkets" in Xiangan, Tongan, Haicang and Jimei to achieve full coverage outside Xiamen Island; in 2015, free genetic testing was carried out for 1754 high-risk deaf inheritors. Guiding prevention has won wide acclaim and become a model for the promotion of China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to the whole country. The foundation has been awarded the Best Execution Award and Public Welfare Innovation Award by the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation successively, the provincial Disabled Workers'Committee has awarded the provincial advanced collective to assist the disabled, and the provincial Civil Affairs Department has awarded the 4A level social organization.

"Precision Poverty Alleviation and Photovoltaic Disability Assistance"

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